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Friday, June 13, 2014

Life Lately: High Five for Friday

Phew! Can we all say whirlwind? I feel like there has been so much going on lately and I have so much to tell you. Quick run down so I don't babble for days on you...
  • I am now a contributing writer for Makeoverly. You can find my posts here, my first one went up today! 
  • I'm working with a couple of local ladies for Thriving Under Thirty posts, coming soon!
  • I have finally recorded my video profile for the blog, its on Youtube and you can find it here on my about page. Eeek! Be nice now, my webcam is obviously not the best quality...and this was my first video!
  • Everyone is having babies! I became an Aunt this week, my older half brother is now the Father to an adorable little baby boy. And some friends of ours had their little girl about two weeks ago. So cute, I'm an Aunt!!! :) :) :)
  • Long hair is HOT in the summer, I almost cut this mop off but I was talked down to dyeing it darker and holding out on the scissors a little bit longer. #longhairDOcare
High Five for Friday

Dee and I went to the Moonbeam Bash put on by Yelp of Jacksonville last night. It was awesome, I'm so excited that I finally was able to attend another Yelp event. We tried all kinds of food and drinks and now have some new restaurants/food trucks we are going to visit soon.
On the rooftop of the Museum of Science and History for the Moonbeam Bash.
(Maxi dress #3 I've bought recently.)
We don't have too much planned for this weekend, possibly a trip south to New Smyrna Beach to see baby Melody and her parents again... but that's about it. I'm relieved, I'll have some time to write some posts  for here and maybe answer some questions on That's the whole premise behind that site by the way, people send in their beauty or fashion related questions and experts on the topic come in with an answer for you.

Have you been to a Yelp event? In addition to the awesome food and drinks they give 
out some pretty good swag. We have 2 mason jars from the Moonbeam Bash I'm 
planning to pour margaritas into here shortly. Cheers to the weekend!

2 comments : said...

Hi Meaghan, I've just popped over from the do smart::marketing FB group, lovely to 'meet' you! I love your blog, am looking forward to following. Congrats on becoming an aunt, that's great - I am about to have a wee niece or nephew arrive in a few months too, can't wait. And on your contributing writer role, fantastic! Kerry x

Nicole said...

Such a cute 'vlog'! I hope you get more out there. I want to start vlogging on youtube, but..... haven't gotten the guts to do it yet! Congrats on becoming an aunt! ~Nicole from