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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Thriving Under Thirty: Desert Honey

If you are a regular reader of Just Me aghan you already know how I feel about crystals. When I discovered Honey Jorgensen on Instagram a few months ago I instantly fell in love with her art. She combines crystals and animals to make inspiring images that will get your imagination fired up.

After spending 6 years as the Art Director of a large international game company Honey decided it was time to try "something more personal and less corporate." In October she left her job and turned full time freelance illustrator and artist. To learn more about Honey and her life as an illustrator in Denmark, keep reading!

Interview with Desert Honey

What is your favorite crystal? Is there a certain one you find you are drawn to the most and own multiples of?
Picking a favorite crystal is like asking me to pick a favorite season or a favorite flavor of ice cream. I am however especially drawn to spirit quartz. There's just something so magical about it and I admit to having several scattered around. I actually first started collecting crystals when I was a kid. My mom introduced me and we used to go crystal shopping together. The first one she ever gave me was a Tiger's Eye and I always took it with me everywhere.

What is your biggest source of inspiration?
I'm very inspired by nature and try to surround myself with as many natural elements as possible. I always bring home found treasure when I visit forests, beaches, deserts and I love wooden furniture and natural textures. I have crystals, branches, rocks, plants, and other natural things all over my apartment and since I live in the center of Copenhagen I find it necessary to get out of the city as often as I can to get a bit of fresh air and really connect with nature. I also love animals and they're a big theme in my art. I always put on old records when I draw as I find that music is vital for me to get inspired and feed my creativity.

I love your pieces with crystals, especially the lizard. What was the inspiration there?
The lizard was actually inspired by rainbow fluorite. I tried to incorporate the colors of the crystal in the lizard's body and scales. I love animals and I want to create a whole collection of spirit animal prints in the new year. I already have most of the animals planned. My personal spirit animal however must be a bear even though the lizard is high on my list.

When did you start drawing? How did you learn (art classes, books, self taught)?
I've pretty much been drawing since I could hold a pencil, but I've never had any formal training so I consider myself self taught. I've been sketching a lot in my job as an art director, but I've never had time to do whole pieces before like I do now.

How often do you draw?
Currently I try to draw every day. Some days though I venture outside instead to soak up inspiration, visit friends or family, and generally just clear my head a bit. When I draw I am so focused I sometimes forget to eat, and I always keep going until I run out of daylight. The winter months here in Denmark are very dark and we don't get a lot of light during the day.

What is your favorite thing to illustrate?
I love to draw animals, faces, elements of nature such as branches, flowers and crystals. Sometimes I like to switch it up a bit though a draw something completely different. The beauty of being an illustrator is that I can pretty much make whatever I feel inspired to do. I love to play around with colors and different mediums to achieve new and interesting results.

Image via Instagram
Do you have any tips for other illustrators who would like to make their main source of income from their art?
Since I just started out as a freelancer myself I'm continuously learning, but the advice I'm currently giving myself is to just do it, draw draw draw, soak those paint brushes in pretty colors and just get it all out on paper. And don't be afraid to share your work with others.

What is your best selling print? Or is most of your work on request, and if so is there anything people request most often?
My Crystal Moon print is currently the most popular, but in general people seem to really like my crystal artwork. I take on as many commissions as I can which is mostly logos or originals where people describe the sort of thing they want. I love collaborating and working with different clients based all around the world as I get to meet so many lovely new people.

To keep up to date with Honey and her art follow her on Instagram @desert__honey. She has a new website coming soon with a full shop, but until then you can shop her designs on Instagram.

I will continue to bring you interviews with successful women 
under  (I'm getting old) around the age of thirty. If you or someone you know might 
be interested in being featured in a Thriving under Thirty piece please email meaghanmae@gmail.com. 

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Friday, January 9, 2015

Fashion Friday: WIW in 9 Degrees

A few weeks ago I took a trip to Maryland to see my family. I kind of forgot that I missed them so much. It had been since last year at my wedding reception that I had seen them... too long.

I stayed with my sister, her boyfriend and their two dogs in their old schoolhouse turned home for a few days. The house is over 170 years old and really exudes the country home vibe with the exposed wood beams, stretching views of rolling hills, and two big ol' hairy dogs. :)

Here is what I wore the night it was a frigid 9 degrees. Note that what you do not see are the leggings that I wore everyday under my jeans, the minimum of two additional shirts underneath, and my ski jacket I added over top.

Denim c/o Aeropostale / Bunny Sweater c/o Aeropostale / Beanie old Forever 21 similar
Herringbone Vest similar / old Boots similar

The sunsets were beautiful, very different from our (also gorgeous) Florida sunsets. I really enjoyed the change of scenery and checking out the area my sister is living in. Her dogs are clearly loving the area too. Here are a few shots I took while visiting Dickerson.

One of the white ones spit a piece of kibble right in her face when we ran out of food. It was hilarious and Patty was totally stunned. A story her and I will surely remember forever.
Love you Pat! Thanks for showing me around your town. :)

One more for the road - how sweet is this fluffy face?!

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Friday, January 2, 2015

Fashion Friday: Feminizing a Men's Sweater

My new favorite thing to do when I don't know what to wear is to look through hubby's side of the closet. His sweaters are oversized on me and look great paired with a pair of leggings, riding boots, and a long necklace. 

Just Me aghan, Jacksonville skyline

We took a trip up to Jacksonville a few weekends back so Dee could load up on spray paint at an art store up there. It's a new hobby he is exploring, in our garage, on canvas. I honestly didn't know he was so much of an artist, his initial sketch blew me away.  

On our way home we went by this waterfront park and with the Jacksonville skyline in the background it was the perfect scene to catch my outfit. The water was so smooth, it hardly looked real.

Fashion blogger Just Me aghan

Feminizing a men's sweater

jacksonville skyline

feminizing a men's sweater

Forever 21 Leggings similar / old Boots similar / Men's Sweater similar /
Anchor Boutique Sandstone Necklace / Shades c/o Fab'rik 

Have you put together an outfit from the men's side in your closet? 
Any other easy combos from their side you'd like to share? 
I'd love to find a way to wear his flannels that doesn't look like pajamas. 

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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Favorite Looks of 2014

Following suit with Regally Soled I am sharing your favorite looks of 2014, i.e. the outfit posts with the most views. I have thoroughly enjoyed styling, shooting, and composing all of the posts here on Just Me aghan.

Look for more Fashion Friday posts in 2015 and make sure you are following on Bloglovin' or your reader of choice.

Time to go get ready in my navy new years dress and tights, it's cold here in Florida tonight! What are you wearing for the New Years Eve festivities? Any big plans? We will be celebrating a wonderful new venture for my husband. More on that later though.

Have a safe and Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Fashion Friday: Herringbone Under the Bridge.

I hope you enjoyed a love filled holiday with family and friends yesterday. As a blogger I find it difficult to turn off social media most days, but on holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas I don’t feel so bad disconnecting from the rest of the world. And that’s the way it should be, right? 
Back to the holidays… my tree will be up through NYE, as will my Christmas decorations. Keeping up with the jolliness of the rest of the year- here’s a festive holiday look.

St. Augustine Blogger Meaghan Alvarado

Herring bone screams winter to me and this vest is the perfect final layer for this chilly look. 

St. Augustine Fashion Blogger Meaghan Alvarado in Herringbone vest

St. Augustine Blogger Meaghan Alvarado

These were taken on a wooden trail under the bridge on Vilano Beach. I don’t think many people even realize this little trail is even there, definitely worth the time to seek out and take a walk down. You could make a little afternoon of just walking around Vilano: here, at the pier, at the beach, over the bridge… All worth a stroll.

St. Augustine Blogger Meaghan Alvarado

St. Augustine Blogger Meaghan Alvarado

St. Augustine Blogger Meaghan Alvarado

herringbone vest and statement necklace

herringbone vest and vintage Louis Vuitton, fashion blogger

herringbone vest and statement necklace

herringbone vest

Groopdealz Herringbone Vest similar / old Forever 21 Sweater similar / Jewelry c/o Marley Lilly
Jeans c/o Aeropostale / Vintage Louis Vuitton / old Boots similar

herringbone vest, women's

Many thanks to Lucy and Wayne Smith, the photographers behind these photos. This is the fourth in a set of recent looks they captured for Fashion Friday. I’m planning to work with them again within the next two months so be on the lookout for more Fashion Fridays here on Just Me aghan. :)

Meaghan Alvarado St. Augustine Fashion blogger, Just Me aghan

Photo Credit: Lucy & Wayne Smith of Foxtale Photography

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