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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Weekend Recap

I went on the Dolphin & Nature Eco Tour with St. Augustine Eco Tours a couple weeks ago for Augustine.com and wrote a post about our trip. Be sure to check it out for photos of some of the dolphins we saw, and to hear about how we got to listen to dolphins communicating with each other.

A bit wind blown after coming in from our boat ride.
This weekend we went to One Spark in Jacksonville and stumbled upon a friend who was performing as part of the event. We also tried all kinds of food and beers from local restaurants and breweries. Dee even had a gourmet grilled cheese, Gruyere and ham. It looked delicious but no ham for me.

Saturday morning I went to the second day of the grand opening for the Ulta Beauty store now in St. Augustine. The first 100 guests in the door received a gift card valued between $5 and $100. Kelsey and I were probably about number 90 in line, phew! I got a $25 card- score!

Speaking of Ulta and scoring big, congratulations to Erin on winning my Huge Ulta Giveaway! Your goodies are on the way Erin. :)

The rest of Saturday was a home makeover day. We went and got all new blinds for the house to replace the 20 year old ones that we had. I also repainted our pots we had on the front porch and added some new bright spring flowers. Our house feels so much homier now. It's amazing how much of a difference something so minute can have on the overall aesthetic of a house.

Sunday was a relaxing day. I woke up and did some blog writing, I'm one of those people that has 10 note books and always write my first draft by hand first. In the afternoon we had lunch with my parents out in the sun, followed by lazing around the house enjoying our new blinds and screen door.

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All in all it was a very productive weekend but I still have so much to do over the upcoming 3 day weekend. For starters, weeding and putting in more flowers before my birthday BBQ. I also have some big plans for some fun Easter baking, I'll share that with you later this week though.

How was your weekend? Do you have any big plans for Easter?

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A-Z Tidbits

I've seen this on a couple of blogs and thought it would be a fun and easy way to share a little more about me with you. If you post this on your blog be sure to tweet me @meaghanmae and I'll retweet your post. :)

A. Age: 27 for another week or so.
B. Bed size: Queen
C. Chore that you hate: Dishes- no machine so all by hand. :\
D. Dogs: Kaya, Ziggy & Chloe- sometimes they make an appearance on Just Me aghan. :)
Chloe & Ziggy relaxing in the sun. 
E. Essential start to your day: Greek yogurt and hot tea, with some puppy snuggles and a kiss from hubs.
F. Favorite color: Teal
G. Gold or Silver: Silver or White Gold
H. Height: 5'8"
I. Instruments you play: I played flute and the steel drums in high school.
J. Job title(s): Assistant and Blogger
K. Kids: None yet, unless you count the pups
L. Live: Florida
M. Married: Yes! Check out my wedding tab for the video from my Jamaican wedding. :)

N. Nicknames: Meagh, Meg
O. Overnight hospital stays: A couple when I was younger..
P. Pet peeves: Eating with your mouth open, and talking too much!
Q. Quote from a movie: "You better watch your butt man!" -Good Burger for life! hahah my sister will enjoy that anyway.
 R. Right or left handed: Right
S. Siblings: Patty, Alex and Brennan.
T. Tattoos: 4- quote on my ribs, peacock feather on my hip, shell on my foot, fawn on my arm.
U. Underwear: Yes? Haha.
V. Vegetable you hate: Beets
W. What makes you run late: Unusual circumstances. But I try to never be late, because it's really inconsiderate.
X. X-Rays you have had: Ankle and cat scan.
Y. Yummy food that you make: I cook a LOT! Dessert is my forte though.
Peach Blueberry Crumble

Z. Zoo animal: Not a fan of the zoo... but I really like the all black jaguars.

Only 1 more day to enter my giveaway with Ulta Beauty, be sure to get in on this! There are items in there from Tarte, Ulta, Smashbox, Urban Decay...the list goes on. There's a free entry for everyone, all you have to do is log in to Rafflecopter and click the Free Entry. Too easy!

If you have any questions for me don't hesitate to ask. 
Thanks for stopping by and Happy HUMP DAY!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Happy Friday!

Warmer weather seems to always speed me up and give me more to do. I love it!
I can be a procrastinator, but when I'm busy I can better stick to my calendar and get everything done with time to spare.

Last weekend was one of those crazy busy blurs. A couple friends of mine from college were married and hired me to do the day of coordination for the wedding. I did everything from assisting with arranging the bouquets, handling vendors, setting up centerpieces, chairs, tables.... all while dealing with a crazy rainstorm that moved us inside.
Arranging flowers.
The Bride being given away by her Dad.
1. My many worker bee hats include wedding coordinator and I absolutely love being able to help my friends out for their special days. :)

2. Maxi dresses and sandals- it's finally spring for good here in St. Augustine!
Sundays are for relaxing.
 3. Sundays with sunny blue skies and enough wind to get a kite up are beautiful and one of my favorite parts of the weekend.
Mid-week Scrabble dates with my husband and his skulduggery!
4. Got my butt kicked twice this week in Scrabble so I had to go and re-download Words with Friends.

5. I'm running a giveaway with Ulta Beauty to celebrate their grand opening right now. It's over $300 worth of beauty products for one winner. Brands in the giveaway include, Butter, Tarte, Smashbox, Ulta, Urban Decay and more.

This weekend I've got a lot in store too. Rhythm & Ribs festival, a hair appointment, a boat tour with St Augustine Eco Tours  and time with my pups! :)

I'm Linking up for High Five for Friday with Lauren, join in and tell us about your week too!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

HUGE Ulta Beauty Giveaway to Celebrate Grand Opening in St. Augustine, FL

The Grand Opening of Ulta Beauty in Saint Augustine is April 11th. The opening event is all weekend long; April 11, 12 and 13th there will be free makeovers, free consultations, special deals and beauty treats. The first 100 guests each day will get a free gift certificate ranging from $5-$100, AND a free skin or hair service at their full service salon!

To celebrate their Grand Opening Ulta Beauty has sent me over $300 worth of beauty products and tools for a Giveaway to one lucky follower!

Giveaway Includes:
Purple Cosmetic Bag (no longer available)

Total Retail Value: $314.96 (purple makeup bag is considered complimentary as no longer available for sale)

Be sure to join the ULTAmate Rewards program, it's free and for every $1 spent you earn 1 point, double points during your birthday month (perfect time for me, I'm an April baby)! You'll also get valuable coupons and early looks at special offers. Sign up online or in store.

The new Ulta Beauty in St. Augustine will also feature a full-service salon. The salon will offer services from haircuts and color, to brow design and specialty facials.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Will I see you at the Grand Opening? Be sure to use the Rafflecopter widget and enter to win the giveaway now, it will end April 11th!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Fashion Friday: Elephants and Healing Jewelry

I definitely believe in all the healing ideas behind crystals, symbolism of animals and positive thinking. The elephant is a symbol of good luck in many cultures. In Indian culture elephants are often painted for weddings and adorned with anklets and necklaces.
ombre, elephant top, girl, fashion, outfit

bracelets, jewelry
Hamsa bracelet- c/o Aeropostale / Crescent Moon & Star bangle- Dogeared Jewelry from Declaration Boutique / Tibet Healing Bracelet- Sivana
My whole outfit is leaning toward the spiritual side, all my jewelry has meaning or is meant to do something. The sandstone necklace is to help with change and to promote clarity. The red bracelet is an all around healing piece inlaid with Copper (energizing), Turquoise (strengthening and cleansing) and Coral (bring peace). This is the case with most of my jewelry I wear daily.

Elephant Top- c/o Aeropostale / Black pants- c/o Aeropostale / Sandals- Reef  / Sandstone Necklace- Anchor Boutique

It looks like autumn with all the fallen leaves, but I promise it's spring here! My hubby took these photos with me just last weekend when we took a walk through a local park. Weird Florida weather has all of our plants confused down here- again.

So tell me, other than sentimental value does your jewelry have other meanings? Don't you just love elephants? They're so majestic and calming to me.