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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Introvert — 7 Reasons Why it's Okay to be Quiet Sometimes

When I first meet someone I'm more of a listener. I like to observe and feel the person out to decide how I feel about their vibes. It can take days for me to feel comfortable with someone and I pretty much want to know your life story before I'll open up to you.

I always try to be more like my grandmother — she can strike up a conversation with anyone in the grocery store line. I always end up not knowing what to say and then think of the perfect response I should have said a few seconds too late. Or I'll say something totally off/ridiculous and realize it as soon as it spills out of my mouth, which then leads to the entire conversation on repeat in my head where I'll come up with a ton of other things I should have said instead. It's like I get too flustered in the moment to put words together quick enough.

7 Reasons why its okay to be dominantly introverted:
  1. Introverted people tend to be more observant of their surroundings.
  2. Introverts are often better at expressing themselves with writing. Score for my fellow blogger friends!
  3. We're better listeners.
  4. Some of the greatest inventors and leaders were introverts. Look at Albert Einstein, Bill Gates and Van Gogh.
  5. You can be an introvert and still enjoy talking to people. Being an introvert doesn't mean you have to be a hermit!
  6. Extroverted people tend to be loud, but not to say that all extroverts are. A lot of times it's hard for us to get a word in though — sorry extroverted friends.
  7. Before speaking or acting introverts use their introspection while extroverts often act hastily.
I read an article that claimed people are shy because they think too highly of themselves. It said that they might be knocked down a peg if they spoke up and it is just easier to keep quiet... I disagree. Just because someone is quiet doesn't mean they're on a high horse or overly judgmental. They could just be listening and analyzing the best way to jump into the double dutch that is your conversation.

Carl Jung, the psychologist who came up with Introverts and Extroverts as an ideal, doesn't even believe one can be solely an introvert. "There is no such thing as a pure extrovert or pure introvert. Such a man would be in a lunatic asylum." An ambivert would best describe most people — a person who has a balance of introvert and extrovert features. Call yourself what you will, we're all human trying to express ourselves and survive in this crazy world.

Do you think you side more with introverts or extroverts?

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Beth Anne @ Beth Anne's Best said...

I totally agree with this post!! I once read that about 75% of bloggers are introverts because they can more easily analyze and think about things before writing them down and you don't really need to think on your toes.

I think that is why I like social media. If someone asks me a question online I can think about it for a few hours/days and get back to them...I don't need to respond right away.

Kim said...

I hear you. I'm the exact same way. My sister argues that I'm an extrovert, but I'm totally introverted until I feel close to someone or until I feel comfortable in a situation. Also, let's just be honest... I'm way too familiar with that feeling of thinking of the perfect thing 2 seconds after you say something else. Oh well, what can you do? ;) I'm glad to have found you from Pincredible Thursdays.